Better safe than sorry

Here in Sussex, we are luckier than most in that crime statistics are lower than elsewhere in the country. Although, with the advent of social media, we are far more likely to hear tales of theft or even suspicious characters, we are at lower risk than we might be. However, that is of no comfort to those who do find themselves victims and we should do what we can to prevent any crime – particularly if it might affect us!

Apart from basic precautions such as automatic lighting, good locks and concealed tools and ladders, the most sensible decision is to have an intruder alarm fitted. According to both London's Metropolitan Police and a Which? survey of ex-burglars, you're less likely to become a victim of burglary if you have a well-fitted and well-maintained burglar alarm system. That means fitting one is a worthwhile investment, as well as giving peace of mind. It goes without says that talking to a company, such as GOW Systems, with many of years of experience in security also makes sense.

Nowadays, getting a burglar alarm fitted is an easier process than a few years ago – when systems tended to involve lots of wiring and a fair amount of disruption to households. In the past, a wired system in a four-bed house could typically take up to two days to install. Today, we can be in and out of your property within a day – with very few wires and very little mess.

Another advantage of a wireless system is that it’s easier to add to in the future. Perhaps you want to add a garage or outbuilding to the system, then it’s reasonably straightforward. With a traditional wired system, cable would need to be run to that additional building. Also, in theory and with a little bit of help from us, you could move your wireless system to another property if you decide to move. With a wired system, you’ll be leaving it for the next occupiers.

Wireless systems are also easier to integrate into the life you lead today, as many of the systems we offer can be run through an app on your phone – giving you more control and even more peace of mind.

If you’re interested in increasing security in your home – then give us a call. We’ll do a free survey, discover more about your lifestyle and your concerns and suggest a system which works for your family. Call us on: 07900 405000.